MyCollegeMax is an online program, designed by Dr. Steve Harvey, that combines decades of experience as a college professor, educational researcher, career counselor, business owner, entrepreneur, executive director of the WNY Consortium of Higher Education, publisher, author, award winning speaker, and community leader to create a realistic solution to today's greatest challenge, preparing students for college and career success. American high schools, colleges, and universities offer students incredible opportunities to succeed by providing the foundation upon which to build knowledge economy skills. MyCollegeMax expands on what schools, colleges, and universities do by providing students with critical information and options that allow them to create an individualized path for success. 

Top 10 Reasons To Choose MyCollegeMax 

  1. MyCollegeMax uses a "real-time" dashboard so students know exactly what to do and where they stand.  
  2. Unlike any other program on the market, MyCollegeMax goes with the student. No matter what college you attend, whether or not you wait a year to attend college, if you transfer high schools or colleges; MyCollegeMax is ALWAYS yours!
  3. MyCollegeMax currently offers five real-time, interactive modules: 1) Career Assessments to choose a major, 2) College Readiness Scale for high school students to prepare for college success as well as our Career Readiness Scale for college students to prepare for their careers, 3) Learning Styles Assessment to help students maximize their academic performance and learn important learning strategies, 4) Student Development Transcript to list your extracurricular activities for college admissions and to facilitate the creation of a resume during college, and 5) Future Monthly Income Calculator to learn budgeting skills, make better financial decisions, and track how much your combined debt will affect your income when you start paying student loans back.
  4. MyCollegeMax is designed to provide as much or as little information as a user desires by providing increasing amounts of information starting with checklists and 50 word blurbs to expanded content and links to additional resources.  MyCollegeMax is exactly what students need without any excess information.
  5. MyCollegeMax is a responsive design web site so that it will shrink or expand to the size of your screen, whether a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  6. MyCollegeMax answers students' questions before they even know they have them.
  7. MyCollegeMax directs students in a manner that builds knowledge economy skills through real-life experiences that students must engage in to be successful.
  8. MyCollegeMax is parent friendly by providing  access to their child's dashboard and professional guidance on their shifting role as a parent of a high school student to a parent of a college student.
  9. MyCollegeMax is designed to prepare ALL students, from valedictorians to those who found high school challenging, through experiences that all career paths require. 
  10. MyCollegeMax is two programs in one. If you purchase it in high school it will help you prepare for college success.  Once you enter college, it will re-calibrate and become a brand new program at no additional cost.  It is extremely cost effective at a one-time investment of $349.  That's between $2,000 to $6,000 less than most competitors while offering far superior tools.