Public higher education in the United States is at a watershed moment. As education costs rise and colleges and universities face growing financial pressures, the education gap is widening and public student financial aid systems are getting stretched to the limit—all of this at a time when our economy needs more college-educated workers than ever before.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
MyCollegeMax addresses this critical issue. MyCollegeMax was developed by Dr. Steven Harvey who has taught freshmen through doctoral candidates for over 20 years, is a published researcher, has worked in not-for-profit and for-profit institutions/companies, has lead one of the largest higher education consortia in the nation, and is dedicated to helping students achieve personal and professional success. The goal of MyCollegeMax is to shift the ownership of student development onto the student and thereby cultivating an independent learner capable of achieving academic and career success. This is accomplished through the MyCollegeMax student-centered approach which enhances what students learn in the classroom with real-life experiences.


  • Student Development Transcript: The Student Development Transcript allows institutions to offer a tool to students interested in documenting work outside of required coursework. The Student Development Transcript can be provided to employers, career counselors, and others interested in assessing independent, self-directed work students are doing but have no way of documenting.  The Student Development Transcript is co-branded with your institution's logo.
  • Complementary to Existing Efforts: MyCollegeMax is a tool that complements college coursework and offers a wide range of resources including but not limited to modules, interactive dashboard, expanding content on a wide-range of topics, and a rating system for self-monitoring.
  • Improve Advisement and Counseling: MyCollegeMax will greatly enhance academic advising, career counseling, and other student affairs advisors with assisting students. These same professionals can access student accounts to improve time spent one-on-one with students and maximize institutional human and financial resources.
  • Better Outcomes for Students: Students who are active learners are better students.  MyCollegeMax helps students become active learners by encouraging activities that cultivate intrinsic motivation, as sense of purpose, and the desire to master their field.  
  • Better Outcomes for Institutions: Colleges and universities are being asked to improve retention, graduation, time-to-degree, and placement rates as they are also being asked to increase the number of historically underrepresented students on campus.  This can be a daunting task.  MyCollegeMax will help ALL LEVELS of students start, stay on track, and succeed with modules like the Career Assessment, College Graduation Checklist (coming), Career Readiness Scale, Student Development Transcript, Learning Styles Assessment (coming), Career Financial Calculator (coming), and Time Optimizer (coming). Students' progress will be displayed on a real-time dashboard that provides immediate feedback and links into module-specific information that will assist students with maximizing their college experience.
When students take advantage of MyCollegeMax they develop the skills that have been identified by multiple sources as gaps as they transition from college to career.  In addition, students who follow the MyCollegeMax program develop extensive experience that employers are seeking and according to research by George Kuh and NSSE, are more likely to graduate on time with better GPAs.  It's a win-win for higher education institutions and their students.  Most importantly, it's what this nation needs to meet the pending talent shortage documented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and extensive research focused on increased college attainment.