Dr. Steven J. Harvey, an award winning presenter, will provide your students with an engaging and highly impactful presentation that will offer invaluable advice on how to prepare and succeed in college.  His straightforward, humorous approach has earned "Steve" the reputation of a "larger-than-life" presenter who cares deeply about the future of our youth by first and foremost believing in our kids, having high expectations for their success, and offering realistic easy-to-understand information that young people relate to and appreciate. 
"Your unique knowledge and perspective gave our kids invaluable information that they really seemed to take to heart. Your ability to relate to the kids is amazing!"
Gabriella, School Counselor, Williamsville North High School
MyCollegeMax offers a variety of assistance packages for schools with limited resources.  This is because our top priority is our goal to serve as a catalyst for your students' success. The high school presentation is valued at $3,000; MyCollegeMax is offering a 50% discount for our first year of operation; therefore, MyCollegeMax will invoice your school for $1,500 (plus travel expenses).


MyCollegeMax recognizes that schools are under an incredible amount of fiscal stress while recognizing that it costs MyCollegeMax resources to offer the presentations.  So, here is our customizable MyCollegeMax Sponsorship Form for you to use to approach businesses, foundations, and families to defer the costs of the presentation. The Sponsorship approach may also provide you with an opportunity to raise funds for an existing scholarship or for a deserving student. Use our customizable MyCollegeMax Presentation Flyer to promote your event! This is our commitment as a social enterprise because we know students need our program and will benefit greatly from using it.  Finally, check out our MyCollegeMax Referral Program.


Presentations are in the evenings and should include parents.  The presentation is approximately 50 minutes long with 15+ minute question and answer period. If the school wants to host a reception after the presentation, Steve and other MyCollegeMax staff will be happy to attend.  The one requirement is that students sit close to the stage while parents sit behind them (this is an important part of the presentation).  


Please email David Harvey at dharvey@mycollegemax.com for more information.  Presentations are limited so contact us as soon as you want to move forward!